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algoseek is more than a data vendor. We are a service provider and data partner to help clients unlock the value in data. To best serve a wide range of clients, we adopt a value-based pricing to provide the license type and Service Level Agreement matched to different clients' needs. Our list prices for different license types are provided in the table below. Discounts are available for startups and emerging funds under algoseek incubator program, and for academic users under certain research partnership programs.


Please choose your data needs:

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At least one year of historical data should be selected.

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The table displays list prices for annual lease and one-time buy less than $5,000. Please complete our pricing form to receive an accurate price quote.

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Please visit for the pricing of rent data.

Lease Price for Historical Data requires subscription to Daily Updates.

Lease Historical Only. There will be an additional 50% to Lease Historical Data Price.

Purchase Options

To best suit algoseek’s wide range of clients from banks, hedge funds, fintech, academics to individual traders, algoseek provides three purchase options.

How it works
  • Buy

    Pay full price and own the data in perpetuity.

    For Clients who want to own the data, this option is less expensive than leasing and then buying.

    Higher upfront fees than Lease or Rent.

  • Lease

    Lease the historical data and updates with an option to buy when the lease expires. Leases are subject to qualification.

    Lowers the upfront and monthly update fees.

    algoseek data must be deleted at the end of the Lease. Overall cost of owning data is higher if client exercises option to purchase data at end of Lease instead of buying data

  • Rent

    Sandbox solution in a controlled environment. Visit for detail.

    Affordable solution for individual users.

    Use data only in QuantGo cloud.

Questions & Answers

  • Your pricing is significantly lower than Bloomberg and Refinitiv. Are your data as good?

    First, Bloomberg and Refinitiv are NOT as good as people thought. Their data is full of holes and mistakes. We did careful examination on our data against Refinitiv and Bloomberg data, and we are better than them.

    Second, we call ourselves “fair price” because we think the pricing of Bloomberg and Refinitiv are unfair. When their clients pay for their over-priced data, they actually pay for their low-efficiency, bureaucracy, outdated infrastructure, failed investments on other business areas, etc.

    On the contrary, algoseek is built upon modern infrastructure, and we have a highly effective team working as a flat organizational structure. So when you purchase our data, you don’t need to pay for expensive managers who don’t do actual work; and you don’t need to pay for the high-maintenance overheads and costly transformation of outdated infrastructure. You pay only for the data you bought as well as our world-class services and SLA grantees.

  • Many vendors provide discount program for startups. Do you have startup discount?

    We do have an incubator program for startups and emerging funds. Please contact sales for detail.

  • What rights do I have with a license?

    You can use our data on the contracted use case, such as a hedge fund, a trade desk in a bank, a research group in a university, company providng TCA to its clients or FinTech firm delivering analytics. You can generate derivative data and analytics from algoseek data.

    You may not share algoseek data or redistribute algoseek data outside of the license rights. You may not share algoseek data with or redistribute algoseek data to any third party out of your organization. You are allowed to distribute analytics and derived data from algoseek data if and only if the original algoseek data cannot be derived from such data.

    An individual license grants access rights to algoseek data to one individual, and you may not share algoseek data with or redistribute algoseek data to a third party. You can distribute the data and/or analytics you derived from algoseek data if and only if the original algoseek data cannot be derived from such data.

  • Can I transfer my license to another user?

    The general answer is no. A license grants data access to only one use case and you may not transfer the license to another use case. But you may transfer the data access rights from one employee to another inside your project team in the event of a personnel adjustment.

    If you are currently under a lease license with monthly payment and you want to transfer the license to another project team, please contact algoseek sales for contract re-signing.

  • Do I need to buy license for the data I derived from algoseek data?
    You can distribute the data derived from algoseek datasets freely as long as the original algoseek data cannot be derived from such data.
  • How do you decide license type?

    We decide license type by the type and size of a client company or a team inside a company.

    Each license type has a default Service Level Agreement. You can choose to upgrade or downgrade your SLA with algoseek, which will increase or decrease your license fee accordingly.

    Please contact algoseek sales for detail.

  • Can I choose my license type?
    You don’t need to choose your license type. It is decided according to your company type and size. Each license has a default SLA tier, and you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your SLA, which will increase or decrease your pricing.
  • What SLA does algoseek grantee for the license I purchased/leased?
    Different license types have different default SLA and our sales will explain it in detail when you contact us. At algoseek, we always strive to provide the highest level service to our clients.
  • Can I upgrade to a higher SLA?
    Yes. If you want a service level higher than the default SLA of your license, please contact algoseek sales to purchase an upgrade.

Thank You for Your Inquiry!

Our Sales Team will get in touch with you within 24 to 48 hours for the pricing details.