Institutional Historical Market Data. Research Ready.

AlgoSeek is a leading provider of historical intraday US market data to banks, hedge funds, academia and individuals worldwide. Our high quality and affordable datasets are used for research and trading around the world.


We focus on providing the data as you would have received it during a real trading day, to give the most realistic historical data.

AlgoSeek timestamps data to the millisecond for accuracy.


We can help you with you a few symbols or the whole universe.

Just fill in the Order Form and then talk with one our Market Data Consultants (all ex algo traders).
Delivery can be by FTP or disk.


Let us help you if you have questions about your data needs.

Contact Us and one of our market data consultants (all ex-traders) will help you.

The Team

The AlgoSeek team comes from a background in high frequency, low latency algo trading.

The many years of collecting, manipulating and working with intraday data for automated trading and algo development gives us an indepth understanding our clients needs.

Contact Us

We started AlgoSeek to provide high quality, institutional ready intraday data at more affordable prices.

Please contact us to discuss your data needs or issues. If we cannot help you, we will know who can.