Delivery Methods


algoseek keeps most of its data products in Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) cloud, so any AWS user can easily browse and download our cloud-based data using available tools or utilize it in their existing AWS infrastructure with almost zero overhead.

Note: this option is only available for Institutional Subscription clients.


Using AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), you can download your data directly from Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), a popular and reliable object storage solution with a wide range of applications.

This option is great for medium-sized (above 50 Gb) and large (> 250 Gb) orders.


algoseek users can access data with all programming languages including Python, C#, C++, Java using AWS’s SDK libraries. You can find a list of tools as well as documentations at
official documentation

LEAN Integration

LEAN is an open-source algorithmic trading platform designed for python and C# quantitative researchers to handle data plumbing and trade modeling. LEAN launched in 2014 and has 150+ contributors from around the world. QuantConnect maintains the project with a team of full-time engineers.

Learn more about algoseek and LEAN intergation.

Excel Functions and Custom Queries

algoseek users can pull their data directly into Excel using our algoseek Excel Functions and custom SQL client-developed queries.

You can extract the data you need on-demand in seconds and create additional custom queries without extra cost. Your analysis can be complex or straightforward- our Excel functionality can make it happen with a few clicks in a spreadsheet.

Our in-house Excel and SQL database experts are here to assist you. Please contact our sales team for more details.


We can provide data for download from our dedicated FTP server.
You can use 'ftp' command line tool to easily browse and download individual files. Alternatively, you can download FTP-provided data from your web browser.

Please, contact our support team to get more details about this delivery method.

Restful API

Restful API to query and download individual to multiple tickers from days to years.